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Unfazed: Naseeruddin Shah said – Fear of persecution for speaking his mind, so all the three ‘Khans’ remain silent on every issue

Bollywood stalwart Naseeruddin Shah is one of the stars in the industry who does not shy away from sharing his candid opinion on any issue. Many times there is a dispute about his statements, although Naseeruddin Shah has an unequivocal opinion on any social, political and serious issue related to films. Recently, he commented on some of the statements made by Indian Muslims after the Taliban’s rule in Afghanistan. Now he has told how some big filmmakers and actors are inducted to make pro-establishment films. Naseeruddin said that he does not have any evidence that clean chit is being promised to filmmakers and actors for making propaganda films, but he feels it is clear from the kind of films being made these days. Is.

The actor says, “They are being encouraged to make films by the government, praising the efforts of pro-government and dear leaders. Financial help is also being given to them for this. Along with this, clean chit is also promised if they make propaganda films. ‘

At the same time, Naseeruddin said that he has never been a victim of discrimination in the film industry due to being a Muslim, but he is harassed everywhere for speaking his mind to the actors of the film industry. He asked why the three Khans of Bollywood (Salman, Shah Rukh and Aamir) are always silent. He cannot speak on behalf of these three but he has an idea of ​​the amount of persecution these people will have to face.

Naseeruddin said, “They (Salman, Shah Rukh and Aamir) are worried about the harassment they will be subjected to. They have a lot to lose. It will not be just financial harassment or will not be limited to missing one or two advertisements but will be harassed in every way. The actor says whoever dares to speak is harassed.

“It is not limited to just Javed sahab or me, it will happen to anyone who speaks against right wing mentality,” he said. Let us tell you that Naseeruddin Shah has been a part of the Indian film industry for almost five decades and has appeared in films like ‘Nishant’, ‘Aakrosh’, ‘Mirch Masala’, ‘Albert Pinto Ko Gussa Kyun Aata Hai’, ‘Junoon’, ‘Mandi’, ‘Ardh Satya’. ‘, ‘Jaane Bhi Do’ has also done some great films.

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