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In today’s time, most of the people are taking their step towards the agriculture sector. Especially the people living in rural areas, who are not getting jobs even after completing their studies. That’s why they are running their home by doing business like farming and animal husbandry. But they are also using their studies in agriculture. They are making farming easy by using modern techniques and are also earning huge profits. Farmers are adopting new ideas for farming too. If you are also one of those people then start your own business while living in rural area and earn lakhs. For this, we are giving you some ideas here in this article which can help you in this.

Small Rural Business Ideas

If you live in rural area and are thinking of starting some business of your own then some ideas for this are as follows –

Banana Cultivation Business :-

Till now, farmers in India have paid more attention to traditional farming, such as paddy, wheat, pulses, cereals and sugarcane etc. But now people have started wishing for profits by cultivating new methods. such as banana cultivation. There are many benefits in this such that in this, you can earn up to 3 lakh rupees from the banana crop planted in only one and a half bighas. In this at least you can plant 1200 banana trees. Whereas if the investment has to be made only up to 60 thousand rupees. And the pesticide costs 40 thousand rupees. That is, if we talk about profits, then in total you get a direct profit of Rs 2 lakh.

Aloe Vera Cultivation Business :-

Aloe vera cultivation is also a very good means of business for the people of rural areas. The gel-like liquid that comes out of aloe vera leaves is very beneficial, especially for the skin and hair. Various big companies also make and sell many types of products by extracting gel from aloe vera leaves. Its demand remains in the country as well as abroad. In this, you have to make some investment, which can range from 50 thousand to 1 lakh rupees.

Papaya Cultivation Business :-

Papayas are found in different varieties, such as Pusa Delicious, Pusa Majesty, Pusa Giant, Pusa Nanha and Pusa Dwark etc. From these, you can start a business of any one type of papaya varieties. These papayas are produced together in bunches up to 4 cm in length. This can earn a lot of money, although I may have to invest a little more in it, but later it provides a lot of benefits.

Floriculture business :-

Flower business offers a lot of benefits today, because nowadays flowers are being used a lot for party and various functions for bouquet or decoration. In such a situation, you can do the work of producing flowers according to the need of the people. Because people use different types of flowers. You may have to invest a little to produce flowers, but if you produce different types of flowers. If its demand is high, you can get more profit. People doing business by producing flowers will have to sell flowers to you, for which they will give you good money.

Mushroom farming :-

Mushroom is a plant that people call non-vegetarian but it is vegetarian. It contains various types of nutrients, which are good for the body. If you cultivate it, then its seeds are sold to you at the rate of 75 rupees per kg. Let us tell you that there are many varieties of mushrooms in which mushroom wormwood is the most famous because people are earning money by cultivating it even inside their home. Yes, people are getting a lot of profit from this too. Therefore you can also start mushroom cultivation in rural areas.

The government is giving the franchise of Aadhar Card Center for free, you can also take advantage of it, it will be involved.
You can start all these farming business ideas while living in rural area. Out of all these ideas, you will get good returns if you invest to start a business.

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