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Pir Muhammad grandfather of Timur Lang

Pir Muhammad Mirza was a Timurid sovereign and quickly prevailing as King of Timurid Empire after the demise of his granddad Timur the Lame. He was the child of Jahangir Mirza who was the genuine replacement to the seat however had kicked the bucket before his dad. Next was Umar Shaikh Mirza I however he too passed on.

Born: 1374
Died: 22 February 1407
Parents: Jahangir Mirza
House: Timurid dynasty
Siblings: Muhammad Sultan Mirza
Grandparents: Timur, Aljaz Turkhan Agha.

Akbar’s General, Pir Muhammad, Drowns While Crossing the Narbada, 1562
from the Akbarnama.

Composed by the Mughal court artist Miskina with details painted by Paras.
Akbar’s General, Pir Muhammad, Drowns While Crossing the Narbada, 1562.

from the Akbarnama


It portrays the suffocating of Pir Muhammad Khan, one of the officers of the Mughal head Akbar (r.1556–1605), in the Narbada River in focal India in 1562. In the focal point of the image the magnificent armed force can be seen fording the waterway either riding a horse or on swelled skins. Created by the Mughal court craftsman Miskina with subtleties painted by Paras. The assortment of creatures (ponies, camels, goats, crocodiles, fowls, fish and a monkey) shows Miskina’s distraction with the animals of the world collectively.

Date around 1590 – 95.

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