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Muhammad receptacle Qasim al-Thaqafi, likewise known by the laqab of Imad promotion Din, was an Arab military authority of the Umayyad Caliphate who, during the rule of Caliph al-Walid I, driven the Muslim victory of Sindh and Multan from the third and the last Maharaja of the Brahman administration, Raja Dahir in the skirmish of Aror.

Born: 31 December 695 AD, Taif, Saudi Arabia
Died: 18 July 715 AD, Mosul, Iraq
Nationality: Umayyad
Battles/wars: Muslim conquest of Sindh and Multan; Battle of Aror
Years of service: 710 – 715
Parents: Qasim bin Yusuf

Muhammad container Qasim was conceived around 695 AD. He had a place with the Saqqafi clan; that had begun from Taif in Arabia. He experienced childhood under the watchful eye of his mom; he before long turned into an incredible resource for his uncle Muhammad Ibn Yusuf, the legislative head of Yemen. His judgment, potential and abilities left numerous different officials and constrained the ruler to name him in the state division. He was additionally a nearby relative of Hajjaj container Yousuf, as a result of the impact of Hajjaj, the youthful Muhammad receptacle Qasim was selected the legislative leader of Persia while in his youngsters, and he squashed the insubordination in that district. There is additionally a mainstream convention that presents him as the child in-law of Hajjaj canister Yousuf. He vanquished the Sindh and Punjab districts along the Indus River for the Umayyad Caliphate.

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There are both long and momentary foundations for the triumph of india. Bedouins had exchange with India and Eastern Asia. The exchange was brought through ocean defeat; the defeat was dangerous because of the loot of the Pirates of Sindh. The Arab revolts likewise get shelter in Sindh. Along these lines the Umayyad needed to unite their standard and furthermore to make sure about the exchange rout.  During Hajjaj’s governorship, the Mids of Debal (Pirates) looted the endowments of Ceylon’s ruler to Hijjaj and assaulted on boats of Arab that were conveying the vagrants and widows of Muslim warriors who kicked the bucket in Sri Lanka. Consequently giving the Umayyad Caliphate the real reason, that empowered them to pick up a traction in the Makran, and Sindh locales.

The Umayyad caliphate requested Muhammad Bin Qasim to assault over Sindh. He drove 6,000 Syrian rangers and at the outskirts of Sindh he was joined by a development gatekeeper and 6,000 camel riders and with five slings (Manjaniks). Muhammad Bin Qasim first caught Debal, from where the Arab armed force walked along the Indus. At Rohri he was met by Dahir’s powers. Dahir passed on in the fight, his powers were vanquished and Muhammad container Qasim assumed responsibility for Sind. Mohammad Bin Qasim entered Daibul in 712 AD. Because of his endeavors, he prevailing with regards to catching Daibul. He proceeded with his Victorious Progress in progression, Nirun, stronghold (called Sikka), Brahmanabad, Alor, Multan and Gujrat. After the victory of Multan, he conveyed his arms to the fringes of Kingdom of Kashmir, yet his excusal halted the further development. Presently Muslims were the bosses of entire Sindh and a piece of Punjab up to the fringes of Kashmir in the north. After the triumph, he received an appeasing strategy, requesting acknowledgment of Muslim principle by the locals as a trade-off for non-impedance in their strict and social practices. He likewise settled harmony with a solid tax collection framework. Consequently he gave the insurance of security of life and property for the natives.  Hajjaj passed on in 714. At the point when Walid Bin Abdul Malik passed on, his more youthful sibling Suleman prevailing as the Caliph. He was a severe foe of Hajjaj’s family. He reviewed Mohammad Bin Qasim from Sindh, who complied with the requests as the obligation of a general. At the point when he returned, he was killed on eighteenth of July, 715AD at twenty years old.

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