Khalil Sultan was the Timurid leader of Transoxiana from 18 February 1405 to 1409. He was a child of Miran Shah and a grandson of Timur.

Born: 14 September 1384, Herat, Afghanistan
Died: 4 November 1411, Shahr-e-Rey, Iran
Parents: Miran Shah, Sevin Beg Khanzada
Siblings: Aba Bakr
Grandparents: Timur, Mengli Khatun

Durin Timur’s lifetime, Khalil Sultan picked up the vanquisher’s parteecular favor. He distinguisht hissel durin the mission in Indie an out of 1402 wis gien rule o Ferghana. Upon Timur’s daith in 1405 Khalil seen himsel as his replacement. Timur’s appointit replacement Pir Muhammad wis immediately cast aside, a Khalil picked up control o Samarkand. Khalil picked up Timur’s depository a bestoued the manikin title o Chagatai Khan (which up to haed ayeweys been grantit bi Timur tae a relative o Genghis Khan tae legitimize his standard) tae a Timurid ruler. Khalil an aa picked up a partner, Sultan Husain, who haed beforehand an aa made cases tae the seat as a grandson o Timur.

Then, Shah Rukh, who wis administering in Herat, an aa decidit tae press his cases. He progressed tae the Oxus River against Khalil yet turned around when Khalil’s faither Miran Shah, just as his brither Aba Bakr, maricht frae Azerbaijan in help. Nivertheless, Khalil’s poseetion started tae debilitate. He wis disliked in Samarkand, whaur the honorability loathed his significant other Shad Mulk. The last haed extensive impact ower Khalil, convincin him tae appynt fowk o law birth tae heich poseetions to the detriment o the respectability. A faimin caused him tae be even mair loathed. He decidit tae return tae Ferghana wi his umwhile guide, Khudaidid Husain, who went tae Moghulistan (the domain o the eastren Chagatai Khans) in an endeavor tae win thair uphold.

Khalil’s standard in Samarkand at last endit when Shah Rukh entered the ceety unopposed on Mey 13, 1409. Transoxiana wis then gien tae Shah Rukh’s child Ulugh Beg. Khalil decidit tae give up tae Shah Rukh, who haed caught Shad Mulk. He got his better half back, a wis appointit lead representative o Ray. He dee’d thare in 1411. His better half committit self destruction without further ado efter his daith.He is an aa the progenitor o Babur, the foonder o the Mughal Empire.

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