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Bakrid is one of the most celebrated festivals in Islam. There are ways to celebrate this festival like a celebration. On this occasion, the market increases in the markets. Muslims celebrate with different kinds of things. But above all, the day of Bakrid is remembered for sacrifice. On this day every person associated with Islam sacrifices the closest in front of God, it is known as Eid-ul-Adha.

When is Bakrid? (Bakrid Festival 2021 Date) :

This festival of sacrifice comes after two months of Ramadan, in which the importance of sacrifice has been told. In this year 2021, Bakrid day will be celebrated on 19th July. It is done especially after the Hajj pilgrimage in Islamic culture. According to the Islamic calendar, it starts with 10 Dhu-al-Hijjah and ends on 13 Dhu-al-Hijjah. Thus it is celebrated on the tenth day of the twelfth month of the Islamic calendar.

Meaning and Importance of Bakrid:

The day of Bakrid is the day of Farz-e-Qurban:

Generally we all know that goats are sacrificed on the day of Bakrid. Goat is reared in Muslim society. He is looked after according to his status and when he grows up he is sacrificed to Allah on the day of Bakrid which is called Farz-e-Qurban. Do you know how this day started?

Story of Bakrid History In whose memory Vaid-ul-Juha is celebrated ( Bakrid festival History):

There is a historical fact hidden behind this Islamic festival, in which there is such a story of sacrifice, which makes the heart tremble only after hearing it. It is about Hazrat Ibrahim who is considered to be the servant of Allah, who is worshiped as a prophet. Those who have been given the status of Allah by every Islamic, the person who was awarded with this position was tested by God himself.

The matter is something like this: God ordered Hazrat Muhammad to take the test, that he would be happy only when Hazrat sacrifices his dearest loved one in front of Allah. Then Hazrat Ibrahim decided after thinking for sometime and decided to sacrifice his loved one. Everyone wanted to know that what are the things that Hazrat Ibrahim is most fond of, which he is going to sacrifice today. Then he came to know that that priceless thing is his son Hazrat Ismail, whom he is going to sacrifice for Allah today. Knowing this, everyone was shocked. The time of sacrifice has come near. The son was prepared for this, but it was not so easy. To pay this sacrifice, therefore Hazrat Ibrahim blindfolded his eyes and sacrificed his son. When he removed the blindfold, he saw his son safe. In his place, Allah accepted the sacrifice of Abraham’s beloved goat. Pleased with this gesture of sacrifice of Hazrat Ibrahim, Allah spared the life of his child and in its place the sacrifice of a goat was accepted.

Since then, this scene of sacrifice is going on, which is known to the world as Bakrid Eid-ul-Zuha.

Truth of Bakrid :

Apart from this, performing Hajj is considered to be the most important part of life in Islam. When they return after performing Hajj, then sacrificing their loved ones on Bakrid is also an essential part of Islamic religion, for which a goat is reared. He is taken care of day and night. In such a situation, it is common for feelings to be associated with that goat. After some time that goat is sacrificed on the day of Bakrid. Even after not wanting, every Islamic gets a relationship with that goat, then it becomes very difficult to sacrifice it. According to Islamic religion, it increases the feeling of being sacrificed. That’s why this kind of custom is going on.

How Bakrid (festival is celebrated)

First of all, Eid Salat is offered in Eid Gah.

It is celebrated with the whole family and acquaintances.

Food is taken together with everyone.

New clothes are worn.

Gifts are given. Especially the poor are taken care of, they are given food to eat and clothes to wear.

Idi is given to children younger than themselves.

Eid prayer prayers are offered.

Apart from goats, cows, goats, buffaloes and camels are sacrificed on this day.

The animal to be sacrificed is looked after and reared, that is, all its parts must be safe and sound. He should not be sick. Because of this, a lot of care is taken for the goat.

After sacrificing a goat, one-third of its meat is given to God, one-third to family members and friends, and one-third to the poor.

This is how the festival of Bakrid is celebrated in Islam. Every festival is a symbol of love and peace, just as sacrifice is important in Islam, similarly sacrifice is important in Hinduism. The basis of both is to give love around them and sacrifice or sacrifice for their life, with this spirit festivals are celebrated in all religions. But in this era of Kali Yuga, the forms of festivals are changing and they seem to be turning towards appearances somewhere.

Bakrid Mubarak Shayari

Maula, standing at your door after paying the sacrifice

rehmat baksh on me

I can fulfill every person's prayer

………. ……… ………

I have come after performing Hajj. I am standing for your sight.

bless me so kind

that no poor sleep hungry

…… …… ……

On the special occasion of Eid, meet heart to heart

forget the grievances

Hug everyone by the neck today.

….. …… …..

Request to Allah to fulfill the desire of my loved ones

My country is full of emotions

Teach everyone what's yours, what's mine

….. …… ….

May Maula give so much blessing to my idi, I can fill everyone's stomach.

No one goes hungry in this world

God give me such mercy in my deeds

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