Spider-man No Way Home review

Spider-man No Way Home review 

After the two instalments of Marvel Studios’ very own Spider-man movies, the third movie of the trilogy called ‘Spider-man No Way Home’ had fans excited for the thrilling action that will be graced on-screen. 

Spider-man is an iconic superhero who appeared in everyone’s imaginations as all grew up with. He has been a hero who wielded the responsibility of saving everyone he knows. 

Now that Spider-man is making his way into the realms of fandom again with the release of No Way Home, fans are all set to welcome back this pop culture phenomenon with open arms and experience a different side of Peter Parker.

So, how was the movie and is it worth the wait and anticipation? Find out here in Bombay 60 if this 3rd instalment of the film is as good as the best superhero movies to date. 

The leaks

There are a lot of leaks concerning Spider-man No Way Home. For starters, talks of the past iterations of Spider-men like Toby Maguire’s first Spider-man movie back when Sam Raimi directed the films stood out the most that he’ll appear in this film.

To add to the rumours, Andrew Garfield’s Spider-man as well was leaked that he will be reprising his role as well. This provided fans with a lot of scepticism and excitement if they are looking forward to seeing multiversal spider-men clashing through the screen. 

One of the biggest surprises, when the trailer hit, was the sight of Alfred Molina’s Doctor Octopus who was the main villain of the 2nd Spider-man movie directed by Sam Raimi. This paved the way for fans to speculate even further and hoped that both Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield were going to appear in the film. 

The plot

Without going into the nitty-gritty of the film, Spider-man No Way Home is the movie that ends the arc of Peter Parker getting into grips with what his role was going to be as the definitive Spider-man in his universe. 

Peter Parker needs the help of Dr Strange to fix the dilemma that he made after revealing the Daily Bugle– a news network– revealed his identity with the help of deceased Mysterio (Quentin Beck) before his timely death. 

After ripping the multiverse after a spell Strange made, it’s up to Spidey and friends to fix the gaping hole that can shatter the lives of Peter’s close friends and family. 

What’s so surprising about the film is the deeper levels explored with the cameos involved. The confirmed actors and their roles in the movie were Dr Octopus (Alfred Molina), Electro (Jamie Fox), and Green Goblin (Willem Defoe).

These actors and the characters they were playing appeared in past Spider-man movies that are not directly linked with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. What was expected of them at first was that they’ll just appear in the final battle, but they actually had more screen time than what was anticipated.

They were deep characters, fully fleshed out, and even fixed the problems they had filmwise in their original stories. Bottom line is they did a fantastic job in the film that was shockingly uncalled for. 

The verdict

Spider-man No Way Home was a fun ride from start to finish. With the surprises along the way and the deeper lessons Peter had to face by becoming the Spider-man that’s close to the comics, the franchise is moving in the right direction.

While it’s not perfect with untimed jokes and the pacing in the middle of the film seems a tad off, the film overall is still a treat to watch. It’s definitely a movie you need to watch in the theatres if you can, and a second watch isn’t a bad idea either!

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