Film standards for critiques

Films are a work of wonder. They are the big stage that everyone wants to see as it gives a big highlight for a lot of people to see. After all, the film industry has been rewarding for those who enjoy watching, and it is always a must to also find out which of these films are good and bad.

A good film will always be seen as a strong one to watch. People are always keen to pick the best ones to watch, and they decide that based on the trailer and posters since the plot isn’t available to begin with.

This is why it is important for people to know how a film is reviewed by a lot of critics. The more you know about what makes a film better, the easier it is for you to tell if it is a good one or not. After all, it is a must for you to see which of these films you watch can be enjoyed at most according to Bombay 60.

Before you go for a binge-watch, make sure to always check out what you are going to watch. There are many films to choose from and you should know that there are some ways to determine a good film:


A film needs to have a good plot that tells both an intriguing and unusual story at most. Each of these films is made with good scripts and they tell facts and have to be concise at most. The more accurate they are when it comes to the details, the better film would be.


Every film has time to build up the hype for the story as a whole. This means that there is a need for a story to set up a bigger point in the film to make sure it would still be interesting to watch. Bigger suspense will keep the audience on edge for the whole film.

Original concept

The film should be able to present some new concepts or ideas. Most of these should have been hardly explored by other filmmakers, and this is why every film takes time to be made. The amount of creativity and innovation should put audiences in  shock as if they have never seen that kind of film before.


No matter how good the writers have been when it comes to the actual story, the way the film was shot will play a huge role in the final output. This means that the camera work will surely prove to be a bigger story than the actual written script in the end. The team must capture the story the way that it could tell the film better.


Every film has a strong message. Each is made to tell a strong moral or ethic and this means that at the end of a film, one should be able to get some inspiration and so on. The stronger message a film can send, the better impact it will have overall.


A film is never complete without a good soundtrack. As Bombay 60 says, musical scoring always brings the audiences closer to the film. Music shapes the mood as a whole and this only means that having songs and a strong presence of musical instruments in the film will make it feel more immersive.

Special effects

The feeling of the film can also be altered through the use of special effects. Film visuals have to maintain a professional quality and even stimulate the audience at the same time. These special effects should be used well especially in times that it compliments the emotion of a given scene and supports the setting as well.

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