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200 Halla Ho Review: A painful true story of Dalit women, Rinku Rajguru and Amol Palekar’s performances

Cast: Amol Palekar, Barun Sobti, Flora Saini, Rinku Rajguru, Saloni Batra Director: Sarthak Dasgupta, Alok Batra Duration: 1 Hrs 55 Min Where to watch: G5

Jail is better than the outside world, there are no Dalits, no Brahmins here.” With this strong dialogue, director Sarthak Dasgupta tries to mirror society.  The social theme film ‘200 Halla Ho’ has been released on Zee5.  There are many strong actors in the film including Amol Palekar, Rinku Rajguru to Barun Sobti.  In the year 2017, the Nagpur Akku Yadav murder case was very much discussed. 

Rapist, gangster and murderer Akku Yadav was publicly killed by 200 Dalit women in an open court.  These women suffered the cruelty of Akku Yadav for 10 years but did not get help from the administration and police.  On 13 August 2004, when Akku Yadav was brought to the court to be produced by the police, around 200 women took his life.  ‘200 Halla Ho’ has been made on this incident.

200 Halla Ho’ has a serious issue with the strong performances of Amol Palekar and Rinku Rajguru.  The film depicts the condition of the backward and downtrodden in the society and presents the reality of our society.  There are ups and downs in this film of Sarthak Dasgupta, sometimes this film seems to be stable and sometimes it seems to falter.

The strongest aspect of the film is the dialogues of the film which are well written.  The author has written very good dialogues in the film to tell the painful truth of society, inferiority complex, exploitation of backward and downtrodden women, constitution and legal system.


The story begins with a painful scene, where a criminal is murdered by women with a cloth wrapped around their mouth, knives and knives in their hands in an open court.  Showing this bloody scene in the court, the film begins to grow.  The film focuses on Dalit women.  This story of the injustice being done in the dalits is shocking.  In the year 2017, this massacre had created a lot of discussion on every news paper and channel.  Apart from murder and exploitation in the film, glimpses of Dalit and Brahman love story are also seen.


How miserable the life of Dalit and exploited is even today, it becomes more clear from this film.  Being a Dalit woman from above is no less than a curse.  Even today, it is common to hear about the exploitation of Dalits from every corner of the country.  But how much these subjects are shown on the big screen has also become a big issue in itself.  Sarthak Dasgupta has made the film ‘200 Halla Ho’ about Dalit women, in which he has worked to strengthen the audience’s thinking about religion and caste.  Although this film could have been made more accurate.  Amol Palekar is back after a long gap of 12 years with ‘200 Halla Ho’.  It is comforting to watch Amol Palekar on screen. 

His acting experience in the film can be clearly seen and understood.  Amol Palekar is playing the role of a retired judge in this film.  Who does full justice to his character.  From his dialogue delivery to personality, the personality has looked great.  At the same time, in the film ‘200 Halla Ho’, Sairat fame Rinku Rajguru has done a great job.  Rinku Rajguru has performed so well in the role of Dalit youth Asha that even a minute does not take her eyes off her.  She fits perfectly in this character.  On the other hand, the character of lawyer Umesh Joshi (Barun Sobti) has not been done justice in the script.  Because of which his performance seems loose.

Direction and technical side

Alok Batra has co-directed with Sarthak Dasgupta.  Both have tried to show the reality of society on the big screen using the skills of the actors.  If the director had put a little more emphasis on this film made on Dalit women, then this film would have proved to be above super.  The film starts falling apart at one point or another but the writing and the cast of the film save it immediately.  There was also a mistake in the direction that some of the actors appeared to be buried.  Like the character of Villain and Umesh Joshi (lawyer).  Both these roles were very important. 

The villain’s role could have become a famous character like Hammer Singh (Villain of Patal Lok).  But due to some shortcomings this was not possible.  Many scenes in the film manage to make you swoon.  The scene of women attacking the criminal has been shown well, while the court scenes from Dalit Basti have also been shown brilliantly.  From cinematography to editing are average.  Some scenes make the audience emotional.  The climax of the film begins with Amol Palekar, who breathes life into the film.


The most important part of this film is the script of the film.  The writers wrote tight scripts.  Its strongest aspect is its dialogue.  Every other dialogue is such that leaves a deep impact on the audience, such as ‘the words written in the constitution must be used not to be remembered’.., ‘being a Dalit is not proof of one’s morality.  Because of this the film escapes from being average. 

There was dire need of such a tight script on this strong subject.  You feel the success of screenwriting when you hear Amol Palekar’s speech in the film.  Through this story, the author shows how the Indian judiciary and administration fail to provide justice and protection to Dalit women, why women had to take law into their own hands.

see or not see

The film ‘200 Halla Ho’ is such a film that after watching you will realize how much trouble Dalits and women are still in.  Whose life has been suffocated in the evils of the society.  Leave her progress, she cannot walk with her head raised. 

From harassment to filthy abuses are used indiscriminately with this section.  If you are interested in watching the true story then you will enjoy this movie.  If you like watching movies related to courtroom, then definitely watch this.  If you want to watch masala and light hearted entertainment then this movie is not for you.

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