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About Bombay 60

Bombay 60 was founded in 1999 by Allan Rick who wanted to summarise various reviews about movies through a single score. The site was launched in January 2000 and is now continuously evolving to reflect the experience of many movie critics and enthusiasts. Our mission is to help users make an informed choice about how to spend their time and money on movies. 

Multiple opinions are better than one, which is why we encourage site visitors to sign up for an account and give their opinions about the movies they like or dislike. This will help other people know if the movie is worth watching or not. If you still haven’t signed up for an account, take a look at how you do it and see what our registered users can do below:

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Bombay 60 account holders have various perks and benefits such as:

  • Movie rating: Rate movies based on their popularity, plot, cinematography and so on. At the end of your movie review, you have to put the overall desired Bombay Score ranging from 0% to 100%.
  • Movie reviews: Write reviews about the recent movies you have watched and submit them to us so we can publish them on site. Bombay 60 ensures that movie reviews are properly credited to those who wrote them.
  • Movie commentary: Bombay 60 sometimes publishes short movie clips and trailers to give viewers a sneak peek at what the movie is all about. Only registered users post their opinions under the comment section.
  • Free movie links: Registered users can enjoy free movie links that they can watch for a limited time. These links are given to active members or birthday celebrants.